Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

At Ely Electrical Ltd we want to make sure that your experience of lighting up your outdoor space is as pain free as possible. It is worth noting that we are more than happy to come to your house to discuss your needs and how we would go about connecting your lights before you purchase them. Sometimes there is a little more work involved than just laying a cable and plugging them in.

We will also happily provide you with a FREE no obligation quote.

Outdoor lighting, much like indoor lighting, comes in a huge variety of fixtures and fittings. It can be used to guide you into your driveway or help the fish in your pond to see in the dark and just about anything in between.

Many people choose to express their creativity using outdoor lights and show it off to the world. As dogwalkers trundle past, why not illuminate your gnomes fishing away into the early hours of the morning!!Here at Ely Electrical Ltd we can help you to achieve the lighting of your dreams.

Types of outdoor lights include, wall lights, spotlights, patio lights, bollard lights and probably the most common of all, floodlights.


Floodlights come in a range of sizes and are generally used as a burglar / intruder deterrent but they also do a fantastic job of lighting up specific areas of your garden or even the whole garden, if it is powerful enough. They are usually chosen based upon their output which is measured in lumens. As a rough guide 1000 lumens will light up a space 15 – 20 meters squared, well enough to see down a short alleyway or to make a feature out of a specific point in your garden.

If you want to create daylight across your whole garden, then you could install a floodlight that gives off 27000 lumens, although you may find spaceships might start sending you angry letters!

Floodlights commonly include PIR sensors which come built into the device and will cause the light to switch on when motion is detected within a certain range, making them the ideal deterrent.

Floodlights can also come with a built-in photocell; these are used to determine when you would like the light to switch on based on how dark it is outside. The switching can turn the light on permanently until the ambient light level increases or if used in conjunction with a PIR, tell the PIR to activate, ready to turn the light on when motion is detected.

Motion detection / PIR detection and photocells are not just limited to floodlights, as we are also able to fit separate PIR / motion detection equipment and or photocell sensors to your existing or new garden lighting depending on your requirements.

Outdoor Lighting

Things to think about before buying your outdoor lights

It may be a requirement that the cable is to be buried underground. This comes with its own set of regulations and the type of cable used is also important.

You may also want to talk to us about how you plan to control the lights and whether you want the switch inside, outside or even both if you prefer.

Choosing the right light

Most lights and outdoor accessories that you buy from common retailers should state clearly whether they can be used outside. But if not, then there is an easy way to tell by checking the IP code. IP stands for ingress protection. The IP code will usually see the letters IP followed by two numbers. The first number stands for protection from solid objects and is rated on a scale of 0-6.The second number is related to protection from liquids and this is rated on a scale of 0-8. As a general rule of thumb, providing the number is 4 or greater, then you can use the light or accessory outside, although we would recommend to try and purchase products with an IP66 rating or higher.

If an IP number is not visible, then either it is not rated for outside or it has been produced to a standard where it is not worth the risk.

Outdoor Lights

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