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Wireless Intruder Alarms

At Ely Electrical Ltd we can supply and install grade two wireless alarms into your property and business. The specific model of alarm we use allows you to be notified on your phone or tablet whenever the alarm is activated. You can then decide to turn the system off or reset it.

The system includes a wide choice of extra security devices that can all be linked to one single control hub which can then be monitored remotely using a free app.  As well as the standard security device some of the other devices available include smart plugs, water leak detectors with automatic shut off valves and heat, smoke and CO detectors.

Commonly asked questions

What is the best intruder alarm system?

Ever since intruder alarms were first invented, they have always been hard wired.  This has been viewed over the years as the best option as it negates the need for batteries to be changed but as technology has evolved, the need to regularly replace batteries with remote devices has decreased dramatically.

Across the product range the average lifespan of a battery is 5 years. However some of the products boast an impressive 7 year life.

Also, with hard wired systems, they cost more, take longer to install and replacement parts take longer to fit.

How safe is a wireless intruder alarm?

With the system that we install, security is, of course, the most important aspect. These specific units are extremely resilient against attempted break-ins to the software. The information sent between the central monitoring station and the various detectors is encrypted. This makes them just as, if not more, secure than their hard-wired predecessors.

What are the bonuses of having a wireless intruder alarm system?

As mentioned earlier, the installation time is greatly reduced. The systems can have extra devices added with ease, more specifically the alarm control hub plus, can support up to 150 devices. It can have up to 99 users and can also connect to the internet using an ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or micro sim. So for the extra security conscious user, it has the possibility to maintain a secure connection under fault conditions that would prove otherwise quite detrimental to other similar systems on the market.

The (hub 2) and (hub plus) also boast an impressive 16 hours of backup battery life, so operation can continue as normal during a power cut.

Detectors Available

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Motion Detectors

The motion detector is the (standard) detector of choice for most installations. They pick up on movement within the area they are situated and alert the system to either send the user a notification, sound an audible alarm or both.

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Motion Cam Detectors

The motion cam detector works in a similar fashion to the motion detector but also has a built-in camera, enabling the user to view the area at any time or when an alert has been signalled.

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Motion Protect Curtain Detectors

The motion protect curtain detector can notify the user during the first signs of entry. They are secured In front of doors and other likely places of intruder entry and produce an Infrared curtain across the threshold.

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Door Protect Detector

The door protect detector works by using a magnetic field and a reed switch. When the magnetic field is removed from the reed switch ie a door or window is opened, the reed switch closes, making contact and triggering the alarm.

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Glass Protect Detector

The glass protect detector signals when glass is broken by using unique algorithms to pick up on the action and sound of glass breaking. When the detector is triggered, it will notify the user and trigger the alarm.

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Fire Protect Plus

The fire protect plus can detect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide build up within a room, sounding the 85Db alarm if triggered.

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Leaks Protect Detector

The leaks protect detector can detect the first signs of flooding through the metal contacts that are built in underneath the unit, alerting the user to such a state.

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The user can add several audible sirens to the installation and these can be acquired in both indoor and outdoor versions depending on the user’s requirements.

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Fob, Keypad and Key cards

Using the wireless fob and keypad couldn’t be easier. The fob layout is the same as it appears on the app but should you have trouble with your Wi-Fi or internet then the system can be engaged and disengaged by use of a small handheld fob. This can also be done using a keypad or a key card and for business users you can have multiple numbers of key cards which notify the main user of the key card used to disengage the system.


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