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At Ely Electrical Ltd we want to make sure that your experience of lighting up your indoor space is as pain free as possible. It is worth noting that we are more than happy to come to your house to discuss your needs and how we would go about connecting your lights before you purchase them. As sometimes there is a little more work involved than just replacing a light or ‘just running a cable’.

We will also happily provide you with a FREE no obligation quote.

Lighting is a fast-growing market and the options available to the consumer are in the thousands. Here at Ely Electrical Ltd we understand that choosing and applying the right lighting can really make your house fee like a home.

The need for good indoor lighting ensures that you do not spend your evenings sitting in the dark. Indoor lighting inside the home can do more than just illuminate a room. It helps to create atmosphere and having the correct lighting in an office environment can certainly help you to come up with “bright ideas”. That is why we have created this guide to help you choose the right lighting and also to give you some ideas of the issues you may face and the types of lighting that are available to you if you should choose to purchase your own.

What types of indoor lighting are available?


Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are the most common type of light fitting, either as a simple pendant, a string of lights or as a fixed unit. These enable you to bring a larger space to life.


Table lamps and floor lamps

Table lamps and floor lamps are not necessarily required to be installed by an electrician although it is possible to fit a socket / spur that is controlled by a switch on the wall or even remotely via WIFI, if required.



Chandeliers can be installed much the same way as a standard ceiling light. Although it is worth taking into consideration, that some extra work may have to be carried out to enable the light to be supported. This can be discussed during the quoting stage when we visit your property.


Down lights

LED down lights are fast becoming the most popular choice in homes where people want to have maximum effect and really brighten up a room. They can help to make a room feel larger as they are fitted flush to the ceiling and help to brighten up the full height of a room. They also come in a huge variety of colours and some can even change colour either by remote control or smartphone applications.



Spotlights are great for staging a particular area but can also be used to light up a much larger space if required.

Strip Lights Electricians

LED Strip lights

LED strip lighting is becoming more and more popular and can be used almost anywhere in the house. It is usually designed during the build / construction phase or during renovations it creates a much cleaner effect when the actual lights are hidden from view. Although they are generally easy enough to install under existing kitchen cabinets and worktops to help bring a clean and unbroken lighting effect to a small space.

What is an LED?

LED stands for light emitting diode. LED’s produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. This means you can have a brighter light that is cheaper to run and will outlast the old-style filament light bulb. You can also get LED bulbs that look as if they still contain a filament so you don’t have to lose any of the charm or character you could achieve with the old-style bulbs.


A word of warning!!!

LEDS and dimmer switches

LED’s are very much readily available from nearly every shop you go into. This is great, but when it comes to changing over your old bulbs for LED’s, it is worth checking that your existing switch is compatible. A lot of old-style dimmers are not capable of dimming an LED bulb in the way that it requires and you may notice flickering of the bulb or perhaps it will not light up at all. It is also worth checking if you do purchase LED bulbs as replacements for old incandescent bulbs, that if you require them to be dimmed, you also need to choose dimmable bulbs. A non-dimmable LED bulb will either not function at all when you try to dim it or it will flicker and possibly burn out.

This advice also applies to track lighting systems, LED drivers, LED transformers and remote or WIFI dimmers.

All light fittings

You may have finally found your perfect ceiling light, wall light or any light that requires hard wiring. You get it home and hold it up to the ceiling and think that looks great. You call us out to fit it and when we arrive, we inform you that the existing wiring is not able to accept this light unless some changes are made!

Why can’t you fit my light?

If you choose Ely Electrical Ltd to come and install your new light, then before installation and after removing your old light, we will test the existing circuit for integrity and functionality.

Unfortunately, some older installations wired 30 to 60 years ago were not always installed using cable which had an earth in it. If this is the case, then this will be detrimental to us fitting your light.

Unless the fitting is class 2 / double insulated throughout then we cannot fit the light until there is an earth wire bought in. This is done either from the same circuit or fed from the consumer unit. Of course, this is something that we can do for you and is something we can quote for at the time or, if you choose to, before you purchase your new lights.


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