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Sockets, appliances, lights, and common faults

Here at Ely Electrical Ltd we want to make sure that your home electrics are both safe and remain in a useable condition for years to come.

The most common fault with any power outlet or light fitting could be the most obvious, power loss.

If the appliance that you want to use does not work, this may be due to one of the following factors:

  1. The fuse in the plug top has blown
    This is something that most consumers can fix themselves but if in any doubt, we are more than happy to come and give you a helping hand. We keep most commonly used fuses in stock and are usually able to fix the problem on the first visit.
  2. The socket itself is faulty
    Occasionally, the socket itself or the switch on the socket, can break. This is a simple repair and just like replacing a fuse, can usually be replaced on the first visit.
  3. The wires are loose
    This can happen for several reasons. Most commonly, this is due to either poor installation in the first place or can also be seen on older installations. This occurs because the AC current causes small vibrations within the terminals causing the screws to slowly work their way loose over many years. If this is thought to be the case, we do highly recommend that you call us or a qualified electrician to come and resolve the fault. Removing sockets off the wall, without ensuring the power is completely off, can be lethal.
  4. The Fuse has burnt out or the MCB, RCBO, RCD, or AFDD has tripped in the consumer unit / fuse board
    If this happens, it can be due to either a faulty appliance or a loose connection / break somewhere in the circuit. We recommend that you unplug the appliance that was being used at the time or turn the switch off at the socket / wall plate. You can then try and reset the circuit breaker / RCD or replace the fuse wire yourself BUT if the power does not remain on after the first try then it is, again, highly recommended that you call out a professional to investigate further.
Electrical Bulb

Faulty lights

As with faulty sockets, many of the same reasons apply as to why a light may be faulty or flickering.

Of course, sometimes just the bulb is to blame. Occasionally when LED bulbs begin to fail they will flash intermittently once or twice within a second and this will repeat every 1-20 seconds. Generally, the consumer can resolve the issue by simply replacing the bulb. When buying new bulbs, especially if changing halogen bulbs to LED’s, make sure that if you have a dimmer switch on the circuit, that the replacement bulbs are compatible and dimmable. Most standard bulbs are fine to use but you may also find some dimmers are not able to dim LED’s and this could cause further problems.

Faulty appliances

If you believe your appliance to be at fault, usually it will cause the MCB or RCD to trip and on some older style installations, it can cause the rewireable fuse to burn out. If you think the appliance is at fault, unplug it immediately and try resetting the MCB / RCD or replacing the fuse wire yourself, providing you are comfortable doing so. If the power then stays on, chances are you have eliminated the fault yourself. Although, as mentioned before, if the power does not remain on after one try, we would highly recommend you call out a professional.

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